You can make a change in the life of one child in rural Togo today

Togo Union UK is a Registered Charity N° 1113550

Mr Akakpo's Memorial service: 23.10.22, 2-6pm. More details below

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Togo Union UK was created in 1982. It is an apolitical mutual-aid association first called called Togo Nationals’ Union. Its sole aim was to gather all natives of Togo residing at the time in the UK and to be the platform where they could meet regularly to share their experiences and support one another.

Today, the Union has grown from such simple beginnings to become a registered charity with the United Kingdom Charities Commission since 1997. Our domain of action has since widened considerably to include the following aims:


promoting the welfare of our members through socialisation

promoting Togolese culture in the UK

developing awareness of Togolese culture within our youth

promoting African culture in general in the UK, including among ourselves

contributing to the process of nation-building in Togo, through our charitable actions in support of health, education and any poverty-relieving projects.


Our membership is generally open to any individual of Togolese connection; eg by ancestry, birth, marriage or adoption. But recently, we have started to grant a special kind of membership to non-Togolese nationals who manifest a desire to help us in the achievement of our aims, by way of regular financial contributions and participation in our activities and events. Please email us now if you are considering joining us.


Every year, we organise a variety of cultural, social and educational activities in line with our aims, which are open to both our members and the general public. To get a feel of what they are like, please visit our gallery of pictures and videos of past events. And there are a few upcoming events. Our calendar often features youth dance, personal and social development seminars, trips, BBQ’s and above all annual fundraising dinner-dances in support of education in rural Togo. The dinner-dance events are often held around in April or May to coincide with Togo Independence Anniversary season. Tickets are usually on sale from February; children go free, free food and soft drink. Sales of tickets, alcoholic drink, raffle tickets and donations generate funds which are then used provide grants to remote schools across Togo. Giving children living in those areas, access to education is key to our ethos.

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